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In this page are presented some international collaborations, conferences connected with the scintillating materials or their applications.

Conferences & workshops

Lumdtr: The general topic of this conference series is energy transfer, migration and optical de-excitation in wide-gap solids, and in particular the theory, modeling, development and characterization of properties of materials used in active optical systems, such as scintillators, luminophors, other opto-electronic detectors of ionizing radiation, lasers, and various optoelectronic devices. In 2021 it was held in Bydgoszcz (Poland)

SORMA: It is a yearly symposium on radiation measurements an Applications. 


Crystal Clear Collaboration:The Crystal Clear Collaboration, also known as "Crystal Clear" or "CCC" was created in 1990 and approved by the CERN Detector Research and Development Committee as RD18 in April 1991, with the objective of developing new inorganic scintillators suitable for crystal electromagnetic calorimeters of LHC experiments. The scope is now broader than calorimetry.