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  • Crystal2000, 22-26 September 1992, Chamonix (France)
  • MRS94, San Francisco (USA)
  • SCINT95, 28th August, 1st September 1995, Delft (The Netherlands)
  • SCINT97, 22th-25th September 1997, Shanghai (China)
  • Scint99 16th-20th August 1999, Moscow (Russia): SCINT99.pdf
  • Scint01, 16th-21th September 2001, Chamonix (France): Proceedings & Photo
  • Scint03, 8th-12th September 2003, Valencia (Spain): Proceedings & Photo
  • Scint05, 19th-23th September 2005, Kharkov (Ukraine): Chronicle
  • Scint07, 4th-8th June 2007, Winston-Salem (USA): Proceedings
  • Scint09, 8th-12th June 2009, Jeju (Korea): Proceedings
  • Scint11, 12th-16th September 2011, Giessen (Germany): Proceedings
  • Scint13, 15th-19th April 2013, Shanghai (China): Proceedings
  • Scint15, 7th-12th June 2015, Berkeley (USA): Conference records
  • Scint17, 18th-22th September 2017, Chamonix (France): Conference records
  • Scint19, September 29th-October 4th, 2019, Sendai (Japan): Conference records
  • Scint22, September 18th-23th, 2022, Santa Fe (USA)
Photo of attendees at the Scint 2019 conference in Sendai (Japan)
Photo of attendees at the Scint 2017 conference in Chamonix (France)
Photo of attendees at the Scint 2015 conference in Berkeley (USA)
Photo of attendees at the Scint 2013 conference in Shanghai (China)